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The Gambler

from In Time by Collapsing Opposites



I was sitting down at the casino of love.
I’m gonna take a lot of chances: gonna find the woman of my dreams.
I’ve got to bet my heart if I want to win yours.
Either mine will be all broken, or we’ll fall in love before we leave.
I picked my cards up off the table with my heart on my sleeve.
I put my heart down on the table; saw those cards up your sleeve,

now I know I have got to go.
And I know I’ve got to walk out of that door all on my own.

You were just a lover heading out on your own.
You had a mighty funny way of saying hello.

You said you love me and you kissed me on the lips.
You said, “don’t be embarrassed. I always say hi like this.”

Love is just a word that gamblers like to use
because we want to be in love and perception is truth.
Love is just a name. Please don’t wear it out.
Love is just your game, so let’s play it out.

Look closely at your cards; you’ll see they’re made of solid time.
This is simply what happens and it is the purest kind of truth.
The king of hearts was there among my jokers and a five.
You played your queen of spades but you hid your ace in a diamond suit.
How was I to know you were a gambler too?
You had a pretty good bluff and it caused me to lose.

Now, I know I have got to go.
And I know I’ve got to walk out of that door all on my own.
Now I know I have got to go.
And I know I’ve got to take a deep breath, stand up tall on my own two feet, and walk out of that door all on my own.
I know I have got to go.

And I know I’ve got a really bad habit of saying things, even if I don’t really know whether they’re true. It isn’t so much a question of lying, as it is this hopelessly blind optimism where you want something to be true so badly that you convince yourself that it already is true. I think that’s what I was doing when I told you I loved you. But you said you loved me too, so that means we’re in love, right? Sure, maybe for a little while. But will it last? Well, that depends on what’s in the cards. And since they’re face down on the table until the end of the game, all you can really say for sure is if it didn’t last, then it wasn’t going to last. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t know what’s going to happen! So you might as well just ante up, and hope for the best. But remember, a true fortune is built through a series of small, calculated risks – not by betting your entire life savings on the spur of the moment. In other words, you need to make sure that you appreciate the process, and don’t just jump straight to the conclusion. If you want something to last, you’ve got to build it piece by piece from the ground up.


from In Time, released January 29, 2010
Written by Collapsing Opposites.
Ryan McCormick sings and plays guitar and saxophone.
Laura Hatfield plays drums.
Jarrett Evan Samson plays bass.
Jessica Wilkin plays piano.
Produced by Mike Gittens and Collapsing Opposites at The Hive, Burnaby BC, 2008-2009.
Mastering by Stuart McKillop.


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Collapsing Opposites Victoria, British Columbia

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