When rebellion became a cliché
but the teenagers would not go away,
we needed something to do
and it sounded a bit of tune.
Steven Malkmus,
riding on the city bus,
at the right place at the right time with the right face and the right rhymes,
and he became a voice for the rest of us.

When the nineties had been gone for a while
and the eighties came back in style,
Pavement was only a joke
as all their cred went up in smoke.
Steven Malkmus,
riding on the tour bus:
the butt of all in-jokes like “a frat boy in a rock pose,”
but he was still cool to some of us.

In eight or nine years from now,
when The Rawks get too watered down,
the nineties will be retro
and we’ll need some sort of hero.
Steven Malkmus,
riding on the city bus:
when all is said and done you’ll be on page ninety-one
of the rock and roll history textbook.


from Sincerity / Sarcasm, released February 12, 2004
Written by Collapsing Opposites.
Ryan McCormick sang and played guitar and keyboard.
Recorded by Ryan McCormick in his bedroom, January 2004.
Mastered by Dan Toews.


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Collapsing Opposites Victoria, British Columbia

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