Seven Secret Dreams

from Dreamland by Collapsing Opposites



What could you possibly have to dream about, little one?
Because there is nothing in the world that you have done.
Maybe the way the breezes felt mixed with the sun,
or maybe the day the milk tasted sweeter than mom.
I wonder…

Feel the texture with your fingers. Scratch it with your nails.
A hidden message left for you and known by no one else.
Does it remind you of the time you slept out by the sea?
A secret love? A wondrous life you’ve left to history.
I wonder…

As you hang your head down low, I wonder what’s inside:
a puzzle or a movie or a locomotive ride?
I heard the words, I swear I heard, but didn’t hear them right.
Where’d you find this gift of speech or was it just the time?
I wonder…

What on earth would you have become if you had lived your life?
A farmer or an astronaut? A husband or a wife?
No one knows that you were here, a moment gone so fast.
A dream we try not to forget. Potential couldn’t last,
but still we wonder…

I saw you take a heavy swing with your forearm in the air.
I saw you silently mouth the words, “well I don’t fucking care.”
Were you thinking of a scene you saw on TV?
Or was it some traumatic thing you witnessed on the street?
I wonder…

What thinkers thoughts have you concocted in that big ‘ole brain?
Have your hypotheses been blocked by feeling love and pain?
A mind, a body or two bodies, closeness I can’t share.
Those blank white walls, those cool sunglasses, I can only stare and say,
“I wonder…”

Did you dream of anything special on that fateful night?
And what were you thinking when you turned out the light?
Did you believe that it would be just another dawn?
Or did you know somewhere in there that your time had come?
I wonder…


from Dreamland, released October 23, 2015
Ryan McCormick wrote, sang, played guitar, and played bass.
Christopher Ellis recorded and played drums.
Tom Whalen mastered.
Layla Gaib played saw and theramin.
Michelle Furbacher played baritone horn.
Sean Travis Ramsay played keyboard.


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Collapsing Opposites Victoria, British Columbia

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