You’ve got a choice to make: you could hold on to the past, protect it and try to make it last. Play some folk music, hold onto your traditions, and you could consider starting up a new museum with climate controlled vaults and the latest technologies in historic preservation science. And I know people give their lives for heritage, but from the perspective of Austrolapithicus it seems a bit ridiculous to save these vintage artefacts – they’re quaint and always good for a laugh until you need a scrap of paper. Use the back of the poster, or tear off a piece of the album cover. The last thing that we’d want to make is more artists. You don’t have to go back to the beginning to restart it.

You told me that it’s not real but there was a time before you told me that stuff and now you’ve gone away and you’ll never come back. All we’ve got left is the memory of things that aren’t real.


from Real Moving, released October 8, 2011
Written by Collapsing Opposites.
Recorded and mixed by Enzio.
Mastered by Tom.
Recorded at the Verster household in Vancouver, Canada in 2011.
Singing by Ryan, Enzio, Aaron, Marty, Adrienne, Pietro, and Marita.
Guitar by Aaron.
Keyboard by Enzio.
Drums by Marty.
Bass by Cody.
Trumpet by Michelle.


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Collapsing Opposites Victoria, British Columbia

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